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Looking for a traditional sofa set to add to your home? Check out our selection of silver metal sofa sets, perfect for any Indian home. Our sofa sets are manufactured by the leading silver sofa set manufacturers in India, ensuring that you’re getting the highest quality product. With a variety of designs and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect sofa set for your home.

A sofa set is a key furniture piece in any home, and silver sofas are a popular choice for their elegant look. Metal sofas are also a popular choice for their durability and strength. Traditional sofa sets are another popular option, and Indian sofa sets are especially popular for their intricate designs. Sofa manufacturers offer a wide variety of options to choose from, so finding the perfect sofa set for your home is easy.

Sofa Sets

Sofa Sets – One may not think that sofa sets are extremely important, but they are actually the tops most sought-after pieces of furniture. They occupy a lot of real estate in our lives because we often choose to relax on them as opposed to other types of seating options such as chairs or stools. Whether you want to cast the best impression on your guests or want to uplift your home interiors for a posh lifestyle, you need to know about the different types available and purchase the sofa sets with a stylish yet elegant look placed in your living room.

Traditional Indian Sofa Set

Want to get a really stylish and elegant look for your bedroom? Then you might want to invest in a beautiful teak sofa from India. With exquisite details and smooth lines and curves, these classic Indian teak sofas are great for the homey but still sophisticated look you’re probably going for in your living room or dining area. Just visit Madam Sofa to find an Indian teak sofa set (with delivery and installation costs included) that you can use anywhere at home to elevate its aesthetic value somehow. And here’s another thing: Indian teak sofas made by producers such as Madame Sofa are considerably easy on the pocket!
All the designs under this category of furniture can be made with either silver or white metal mounting over wood. Brass or copper can also be used for mounting.

Silver Sofa Sets
Silver is a very precious, beautiful, and pure metal. From the Ancients ages, Silver furniture has been recognized as the Status in society. The carved wooden structure is mounted on a 99% pure silver sheet. The pure Silver sheet has the property of flexibility and shine. This makes it favorable for mounting over deep carving without any cracks are wrinkles that give a solid molded silver look to the furniture. This process includes rolling the silver under heavy rollers to make sheets. After that hammering, punching, and nailing with special handmade tools on the wooden fine carved surfaces. The metal sheet takes the shape of the carving because of this heavy punching and hammering. Nails are also used to fix it over the wood. This whole process is learned from generation to generation from the makers of furniture pieces of royal kings and emperors of Rajasthan.

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White metal or called German Silver is not Silver. It is very economical but Shines and looks like silver only. Also called EPNS. EPNS stands for Electro Plated Nickeled Silver. German Silver is basically an alloy of nickel and copper.
It is Durable, shiny like silver, and corrosion-resistant. The white metal is used in several products like regency chairs, living room sofas, door panels, and other wedding and gift articles. It is the first choice of interior decorators and is also lovable for households and offices. We supply white metal furniture to hotels and restaurants also. The main furniture pieces are dining chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, bar stools, cabinets, daybeds, etc. The most popular product of white metal is regency chairs, these chairs are cheap, in various designs, with arms, without arms, and more features.

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