Pearl Handicrafts manufacture and sell Indian antique furniture. We are known for our quality products and customer service. We always make sure that our customers get the best experience – from when they first buy from us, to years later when they think of us again – because we want them to keep coming back!
Bringing in a combination of quality and affordability with exemplary options, this traditional furniture company brings their Wooden Beds & Swings, teak carved dinning sets and other Indian Dining products to interested consumers.
With a vision to become a leading Indian furniture manufacturer, the Pearl Handicrafts offers the best outlook to the people, who are looking towards buying the best products within the budget. Here, we present some tips and Guidelines on how to choose the wood products and thus making sure what to look for in the Wood Furniture to buy the best quality:
Our company is one of the most popular manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of ornate carved teak furniture. Every single piece of furniture we make is custom-designed based on different themes. We primarily utilize only the finest raw materials and take great care that each product is manufactured with international standards in mind, as most of our clients are overseas markets looking to buy carved teak furniture from us.
The process of making teak furniture starts with the cutting and drying of pieces of wood on specific plots. It requires a large amount of energy, as well as advanced equipment, which contributes to making their final price more expensive than other types. From time to time you can have small repairs with this kind of material, but in general it is very resistant to exposure and moisture, besides being very durable and beautiful, which is why it even used in marine environments. Therefore, it is important that they be stored properly when not in use. Being faithful to our customers we provide all types of teak furniture available on the market including living room sets or recliners for your home theater room or for any other places that need attention as well as four chairs set for your office days that may require an elegant touch at some point or another!

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