Our bone inlaid coffee table is handcrafted using hundreds of individual camel bone pieces to create a traditional floral pattern that adds an elegant touch to any living room. Crafted from a single slab of marble, this piece offers maximum stability and has a rich, enduring quality that’s perfect for families who want furniture they can cherish for years and years!

Bone Inlay Table

We are from Udaipur, manufacturer, and exporter of a wide range of mother of pearl and bone inlaid coffee tables.

How we make these tables: First we make a wooden block of wood and paint it. We use dyed pieces of bone that are hardened and infused with dye after they are properly washed to remove any possible traces of virus or bacteria. After that, skilled artisans cut and shape the bone into the design we want for the tables – usually floral patterns of flowers and leaves. For those of you who have looked at or purchased bone inlay furniture before like us for our chairs, you will understand how meticulous this process is – but remember, what comes out at the end is truly worth it! Now when you look at our tables, ask yourself: Are there any mistakes? Is anything missing? Perhaps some more decoration maybe? There might be a whole pocket full of animal bones hidden somewhere on your table! And in case anyone asks you where you bought your beautiful new table from, we would be very glad if you mentioned it came from an old family shop called Masnooah.

We can make customized designs, colors and sizes for bone or mother of pearl inlay tables

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